Welsh carawagon update at last!

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Welsh carawagon update at last!

Post by Welshcarawagon » Sat Mar 31, 2018 7:43 pm

Hi everyone,
At last an up date on the restoration of carol the carawagon
Our very over optimistic quick resto is finally almost finished after 3yrs!!
The “money pit” as it’s affectionately know is now looking pretty good and our maiden camping trip is now a realistic possibility rather than a pipe dream!
There’s not enough room to list what we’ve done but a quick recap
Welding - foot wells , out riggers, door pillars
All new doors
New steering
Front chassis
200tdi fully serviced incl timing belt etc
Full roof rebuild - never again said our garage/ body shop!!
Full respray
New rear shocks
Wax oil
Replace interior wood/ recover bench/ sound proof interior/ almost finished carpeting
New seats
All new lighting
Get wring working- ish!

And lots more I’ve forgotten
Finally just fitted new wolf wheels - sprayed in limestone and fitted new continental at tyres
Will try and up load some pics!!
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Re: Welsh carawagon update at last!

Post by RMS » Mon Apr 02, 2018 11:23 am

Nice one Phil,

It's looking really good - hopefully you might be able to use it this year?

Re. the roof - as someone who has now done three roofs and has two or three more to do, I can sympathise with your garage.
I don't know if Searle had the art mastered, but the tolerances for the positioning of the hinges and size of wood are so tight each one I've done so far has required hours of tweaking and re-doing to get them to fold and lift correctly :stars:

Hope to see you around at a show or camp :cheers:

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