Low-E Insulation

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Low-E Insulation

Post by smokey2a » Thu Aug 01, 2019 10:56 am

Hi, Me again. Has anyone used Low-E Insulation in their camper and if so how good or bad was it?

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Re: Low-E Insulation

Post by Dormy » Fri Aug 02, 2019 12:21 pm

I haven't directly used Easy-seal but have lined the inside of all Dormy's metal panels with similar material (thin polystyrene on a silver backing). Bought from a DIY shop in their plumbing centre where it is sold to line external walls behind radiators to reduce heat loss. I also use the same material (but with foam on silver backing) for curtains/blinds.

By itself the material is too thin to make much difference to heat loss. You probably also want to glue it to the panels with carpet glue from an aerosol can to prevent condensation on the inside of the metal panel. I intend to bulk the insulation up with 1/2" thick polystyrene also bought from the same DIY. The problem I haven't yet resolved is how to insulate Dormy's canopy where most heat loss occurs (might be different in a Carawagon).

Using the foam material for blinds (velcroed on) works well as it really reduces the sunlight early on a summer morning which used to beam through the thin curtains originally fitted. The downside is its external reflective-silver appearance on the windows of an old L/R is probably not to everyone's taste and they have to be removed and stored somewhere.

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