Roof seals etc.

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Roof seals etc.

Post by RMS » Tue Apr 17, 2012 3:19 am

Coh Baines have a vast selection of rubber seals, mostly in stock for immediate delivery!
You can download their catalogue, or ask for one to be sent out (it's 112 pages!!), and the pictures are all life-size so easy to work out what you need.

No price list available, but I emailed them with a list of seals I needed for my Carawagon roof, and got prices back within a couple of hours.

This is the list of seals we used: HERE

Just as a reference, the total cost for the seals for my roof came to around £115.

1967 109" Carawagon 200TDi
1972 109" SW Carawagon 2.5NA
1958 109" Carawagon 2.25P (project)
1972 109" Carawagon 200 or 300TDi (project)
1974 Dormobile 2.25D (project)
(Robin on S2C forum)
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