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Re: TWO (at least)in Sheffield.

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2017 10:36 pm
by Viamphie
Cracking job. Nice to see these bits come together.

If only I had the tools and the skill. :bow:

Re: TWO (at least)in Sheffield.

Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 12:03 pm
by 2aWagonDave
Oh Boy. Do I feel rough.
I've somehow managed to have the flu twice in 3 weeks!....with a decent week in-between? Fortunately I managed 3 hours on Sat morning to get just a little more done.
I decided to do the cut-outs for the rack supports but went with a compromise to leave an extra 5mm all round. They may not be the exact size triangles as they were previously....but let's face it, I'm never going to return the whole vehicle to original and concourse.
I think even 5mm extra all the way around will help to support the weight that might go up there just a little better.

I also sized the long sides more accurately. When I bought the ply, I got them to do the long cuts for me. I asked for 197mm (as measured from the originals). After he'd ruined one whole sheet of ply by firstly cutting it to 195, I asked him to have another go. From the next new sheet he tried again, and this time got 199mm. For him, that was close enough and he went on to cut the next one 'the same'....but it was actually 200.
So, I marked my planing line at the 197 on both and having planed very close, I finished them off with a belt sander that rolls on cylindrical wheels at each end. I remember being told how every mm matters in the assembly if I want it to open easily or not leak! I get stressed every time I imagine putting it all back together again.
So, having got the first crucial 6 pieces made, my plan now is to get them stained and varnished, attach the rubber seals and then, with the arch still suspended as it currently is on its rope, get it all put together. I think I'll then be able to try out the old end pieces for size.....and make the new ones according to how it all goes. To me, this seems a better plan than making the ends now....and then finding they don't fit, especially if they're too small and I have to get more new wood!

Amusingly, I counted all the screws I removed and I've been and bought stainless ones. I've got the Sikoflex too but I haven't found any closed end rivets yet. I've not used internet and delivery as I hate stocks them in actual shops?!

So...back to the Lemsip and day-time TV
Bye for now.

Re: TWO (at least)in Sheffield.

Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 12:58 pm
by RMS
Some nice work there :cheers:

I made the roof rack sections quite a bit longer than original on both Patrick's and mine, to give more rack space, as you can probably see from this pic as I was assembling mine:


Of course, I wouldn't put anything really heavy up there - if I was going to put spare wheels and jerry cans of fuel up there I'd get one of Mick's metal racks!

When I put the big roof box on, for long expeditions, I support the front with bars down to the windscreen hinges:


Then again, I'm not particular (on this one, anyway) about keeping it original, otherwise I too would have made the rack as original, oh, and stained before varnishing.

I think the holes in the sides of the rack are possibly there for letting air flow through when the rack is loaded otherwise it could become an air dam, and probably to save a bit of weight as well :shrug:

I've got no idea where you would get closed-end rivets if you don't want to order on-line - the days of the old fashioned ironmongers have long gone.
I buy almost everything on line these days, and got my rivets from a seller on ebay.


Re: TWO (at least)in Sheffield.

Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:26 pm
by 2aWagonDave
Been testing our relationship over the last few days. Been married 6 months now and wondered what would happen if part of the restoration came into the house. It has been very cold and everyone understands that stain and varnish need at least 10 degree temperatures if it's going to cure correctly.
So, I only got a bit of stain on the duvet during the 2 coats of light oak....and a bit of yacht varnish on the duvet and carpet during their 2 coats.....and the smell throughout the house wasn't really all that bad.....Seems like I'm getting away with it so far.

Other good news is that the Wagon is MOT'd and taxed for another year. I don't want to appear too laid back, but the Tax lady wouldn't give me my free ticket as the MOT had run out. I couldn't believe my luck when it went through without having to do any pre-checks or any work. Just an advisory on a few hub leaks and a chassis hole to address when the temperature becomes more favourable to being under it.

As for Rivets, I've looked on the 'net to see that buying the closed end type is easily achieved but I'm holding out a little longer before I go down having stuff delivered! 4mm x12 or 4mmx16.....which ones have others used? And what about the sealant for cross pieces and rack supports to the roof. Do I use the sikoflex or do I get a brown silicone type sealant for these bits and save the sikoflex for rubber seals to the aluminium or tops of wooden bits?

So, all's well for now and I'm loving the colour of the wood so far....I think I need to tart up the roof and aluminium edges now, resting these new pieces against the old shows them up a bit. Can you buy the limestone paint in a spray can or do you have to use big tins from Paddock spares and roller it on?

Cheers and bye for now

Re: TWO (at least)in Sheffield.

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:44 am
by gossamer
Paint is available in spray cans.

Have you a compressor? it isn't that hard to do yourself with a smal spray gun.

I don't want to offend anyone but in my humble opinion paint applied by roller tends to look bl**dy awful unless it has been applied with real skill and great care.

I'm loving that woodwork, it's really smart. :cheers:

The headaches from the fumes will only start when there is nothing in the house drying and your family realise tey are addicted. :woohoo:

Win win situation. :nana1:

ReTWO (at least)in Sheffield. Carawagon Re-furb

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 7:13 pm
by 2aWagonDave
Good and bad news today. Unfortunately, I've been evicted from the borrowed barn...he wants to get on with a project of his own but that inspired me to get up and tidy 20 years of clutter from the first end of my own garage. Once I'd thrown and stacked it all at the bottom end I went and fetched the metal frame/roof. It was so much easier to get it on the roof-rack with all the wood and aluminium missing.

I can't believe I'm going to ask this of you all.......but would you like to 'rate my rack!?'

I'd already stained the wood on an earlier evening in the house. I have got an aluminium rack that came with the carawagon....but it's only 1.2m by 0.4m, just 4 bars.....and looked home-made rather than factory anyway. I've preferred the wooden ones I've seen so spent the afternoon cutting and screwing. I think it's come out OK. I just need to stain the ends where I've made cuts before I yacht varnish the whole lot. It's got 8 bars and now measures 1.25m by 0.52m......every little helps they say. I've done it early in the project beause I would have rushed and made a mess of it if it was the last thing to do.

Cheers for the advice about paint. I have indeed ordered spray paint, and whilst I was on a website, I got three gaitors for in the cab and the two outer seat bases. You never know, I might get over my delivery phobia. I have got a compressor, but I don't fancy mixing paint and thinners in these temperatures so I've just gone with aerosol for now. Next job is to clean up all the aluminium frame, rub down the roof paint and get it smartened up a little.....but actually, I feel I might make quicker progress for a while now it's nearer....let's see.

Cheers for now

Re: TWO (at least)in Sheffield.

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:29 pm
by romanyrose
G'day matey, Nice in fact it is very nice and a pleasure to look at :gold: .

Catch you later. R-Rose :tiphat: .

Re: TWO (at least)in Sheffield. Carawagon Re-furb

Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 9:27 pm
by 2aWagonDave
Hmmm. Bit disappointed this evening. Late on Thursday night I used the Sikoflex to stick the two seals to the long sides. I spent some time making sure I did a neat job and even cleaned off the excess before weighting them down a little and leaving them alone.
I came to them both today to find the sikoflex sticks well to the wood, but not to the rubber. It took ages to pilot drill all the holes for the screws....and then as I offered it up, it just peeled off the rubber!

I don't know if I've done the right thing, but I had another go with the other one. I fired staples into the whole length half way between each screw hole, measured it all up again for the hinge and I've got it all attached. It seems O.K ish, but I wouldn't say that the rubber has sealed against the wood. It's raised a little where each of the screws have grabbed.

Working in my garage is tight. I've polised up the aluminium down one side.....and I'll move it all tomorrow and have a go at the other side with the staple additions. I suppose I could scratch the rubber with sand paper to see if the sikoflex grabs better?
It flaps up and down OK and the rubber comes down a good way but I'm worried that it's just not sealed well enough.
Don't want to be sleeping in a wet wagon!.....especially after loads of work!....I could have left it as it was!
We'll see.
Bye for now.

Re: TWO (at least)in Sheffield.

Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 10:04 pm
by RMS
Possibly the rubber seals have some silicone trace on the surface, and I think Sikoflex would struggle to adhere to that.

Try wiping a sample length of seal with a acetone or meths and see if the Sikaflex sticks better.

When I've done the Carawagon roof seals, I've fixed the hinges before the Sikoflex sets rather than after it has cured, and it seems to work ok.


Re: TWO (at least)in Sheffield.

Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 10:09 pm
by 2aWagonDave
Cheers for that Robin.

The rubbers are very shiny. I'll do all three, rough them up, clean with meths and fit straight away....and then re-do the first one if it's a better result.