Which Solar panel?

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Re: Which Solar panel?

Post by RMS » Thu Jun 13, 2019 8:53 am

Shouldn't really need to wire it to the starter battery - unless you are using that battery for something while you are camping (lights, phone charger etc.). If you have a voltage sensing split charge relay, then it will top up the starter battery before starting to charge the leisure one, but depending on the state of the starter battery and how much sunlight there is, that might mean it never reaches the voltage required to start charging the leisure battery.
If it's a simple relay split charger which switches on when the alternator is running, wiring the solar panel to the starter battery won't charge the leisure battery unless the engine is running.

So, really, no - connect it to the leisure battery.

When I used to park mine outside for weeks/months without using it, I made up a fused lead with a cig lighter plug on each end and used it to link the starter battery to the leisure battery - that made sure both batteries were kept topped up whenever the sun shone.
You could wire in a switch to connect the two, though that could get left on if you forget - I used to loop my wire through the steering wheel to remind me to unplug it before driving.

Now it is parked in the barn, I just trickle charge them both every month or so, depending on use.

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