Help pricing carawagon

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Help pricing carawagon

Post by Oldenglishcarsu » Thu Dec 27, 2018 3:39 pm

I've been offered a 1964 Land Rover carawagon.
Had one current owner from new.
Only 30k original miles.
Got all original equipment and carawagon fixtures.
Not been driven for 10 years, dry stored.
Good bulkhead and chassis, needs recomision.
What's it worth?
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Re: Help pricing carawagon

Post by RMS » Thu Dec 27, 2018 4:23 pm

Hi Tony, and welcome to our forum :cheers:

As I replied on FB, it's very difficult to give a value without at least pictures and/or a more full description, especially of the roof woodwork, hinges etc.

I assume it's a 3 door rather than Station Wagon (which are a lot more rare!)?
Is the engine a 4 cyl petrol or Diesel, or a petrol 6 pot (again, more rare)?

I've bought basket case Carawagons for around £1k, and a Station Wagon Carawagon, still on the road with MOT, galv chassis, just needing some roof woodwork and seals replacing and some TLC inside, and a possible paint job for £3.5k.

Any chance you could check out the roof? If it lifts and holds, all the tiny hinge screws still in place and not pulling out of the wood, wood not delaminating and the seals all good (unlikely), that's a big job you won't have to do.

Have a really good look at the chassis, tapping it everywhere you can reach with a small hammer, listening for thuds instead of 'ringing' - that will give you a good idea of the state of the chassis. It could look great, but still have hidden corrosion.

Would you be doing any repair/restoration work yourself? If you need to pay someone to do welding, brake recommissioning, or any repairs to the roof etc. that could all add to your costs.

Also bear in mind after being stood for so long you could be replacing all of the brake cylinders etc. so you might have to factor the cost of that work as well.

Good luck with buying it - another one hopefully saved and being put back on the road :gold:

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Re: Help pricing carawagon

Post by gossamer » Thu Dec 27, 2018 8:49 pm

Good luck with the vehicle.

This forum is a great place to be for friendly commenst and well researched advice.

Photo's will help.

I'm more use with the friendly comments.
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