Testing the waters

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Testing the waters

Post by DrivingDutchman » Tue Jan 21, 2020 1:10 pm

Hi all,

Tought to put some feelers out.
I'm looking to sell Dora :cry: . But need funds to put towards a new future travel project. I'm not in a rush to sell, if it not selling just yet, it just means the other plans are postponed a bit.
So to that end I'm gauging interest. Not sure about asking price yet. Any suggestions and well meant advice welcome.
Anybody know how to get pictures on the new platform?

In any case, most of you know Dora or know about her. She even featured in a full length article in Land Rover Owner magazine a few years back. Everything I have taken out or off her to accommodate the changes I needed to make it more suitable for modern(ish) travel with a family of 4 will be coming with Dora. So that is the 6 cylinder engine, gearbox, diffs, wardrobe, spice rack, 2 burner stove etc. So to that end, whoever buys her, can put her back in original state. Also all the bits I added will be staying in and or on Dora. That are stuff like the solar panels plus controller, Webasto like heater, if the price is right I'll leave the National Luna fridge/freezer in there too.
As most of you know, she has a 300Tdi heart beating under the bonnet, mated to a LT77 gearbox with corresponding diffs front and back.

As soon as I know how to add pictures, I will add some so peeps can see the current state of affairs. Took it last summer to Spain and the Pyrenees. Apart from the broken halfshaft and busted transferbox (which has been replaced) she never missed a beat.

1969 109 sw dormobile Dora
1996 overland defender sw 110 Nellie
1962 109 sw safari diesel Hannie (sold)
1973 88 series 3 soft top in various bits on the drive...
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