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Post by Calum » Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:14 am

Well I never! I'm half surprised, half not - mainly surprised as it's taken me this long to actually realise there was a connection.

Along with John Stokes and probably others I use a Caranex with the Carawagon (although I do need to modify it slightly to fit better) and do think they look 'right' against a series vehicle. Whilst on eBay I noticed a bright blue Caranex attached to an old Volvo estate for the photos which caught my eye. Looking at the photos I noticed the label on the tent carried the usual red Caranex logo but also the Carawagon name and address. Unfortunately it had already sold but a blue Caranex with Carawagon branding would be spot on! (Although it would need modifying to fit the higher vehicle)

A very quick google shows that the Caranex name, brand etc was trademarked by Carawagon International in the mid-late 70s. Since the original Caranex tents seem to be the H1 models to suit lower vehicles, I am assuming they started making them to fit their Carawagon 'Couchette' conversions on the Renault 4.

I am tempted to see how well a Caranex would fit on the telescopic poles fitted to many 109" Carawagons - I would guess pretty well. Robin, I may have to bother you at the Pit so we can try my Caranex on a set of your awning poles!

Interestingly enough, Caranex still use a firm called CIT Ltd. in Walton on Thames to carry out any repair/alteration work to their tents - I wouldn't be surprised of this is the same firm that made them originally for Searle/Carawagon International

Link to eBay item: ... 3793424138

Link to trademark info:

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